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Review of 2023

About 2023

The geopolitical events of 2022 have highlighted Europe’s unsustainable dependence on fossil fuels. While the initial response has been characterized by political firefighting and a period of unprecedented price volatility, it is now time to reflect on the longer-term outlook.

  • Will the wave of increased energy awareness lead to lasting structural change in the energy market?
  • How can the renewable energy industry cope with booming demand?
  • Will decision-makers manage to get ahead of the curve and create the framework conditions to unlock the necessary low-carbon investment flows?
  • Or is there a risk of sliding back, as the pressure to implement short-term fixes creates new barriers for a successful energy transition?

These are the questions that were discussed at the 13th St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies (#REMforum).

Thank you for joining us, for your contributions, active and insightful discussions and simply becoming member of the #REMforum community!

All the best !

Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen & Team