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#REMforum 2020

"System Change, not Climate Change - Towards a re-new-able Normal"

The 11th St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies (#REMforum) was a valuable opportunity for exchange in the midst of two global crises. After a strong global youth movement had created renewed momentum on climate change in 2019, the Covid-19 epidemic has disrupted business as usual in 2020. What is the net effect on the global energy transition? Will governments around the world seize the opportunity to facilitate a green recovery, or will a push for traditional recipes to stimulate economic growth lead us even deeper into the climate crisis? Will changes in consumers’ travel behavior and the experience of cleaner air in cities during the lockdown have lasting effects? And are investors rewarding clean energy and mobility business models, or are they betting on a recovery of fossil fuels? In sum, is the “new normal” after the pandemic going to be a “re-new-able normal”?

These important questions were addressed at #REMforum 2020 in a new conference format. Given the current situation related to Covid-19, we had carefully reflected upon how best to combine our responsibility to contribute to public health with the desire to move forward on a dialogue among equally important topics for our common future. #REMforum 2020 took place in a blended format. A limited number of places were offered to participants on a first-come-first-served basis. The on-site event, following the hygiene and protection concepts of the relevant authorities, was sold out. All others attended the main conference online, including the possibility to engage with the speakers and asking questions.

Furthermore, the main conference was followed by a FREE #GreenBagSeries, featuring dedicated research-based webinars related to renewable energy and mobility in a post-Covid world. This innovative learning format was build on the successful experience of the afternoon workshops at previous #REMforums, but rather than having to choose one of the previously parallel sessions, participants could actively engage in all of them, independent of their location. All videos are available on-line under "Programme".

#REMforum is part of the "Energie-Tage St.Gallen" and is hosted by the Chair for Management of Renewable Energies at the University of St.Gallen, one of the leading European Business Schools.